Overcoming Anger


Abu Bakr ؓ was once insulted by a man in the presence of Allah’s Prophet ﷺ and he was forgiving towards him for a while. Then Abu Bakr’s ؓ anger overcame him, and he responded to him. At this, the Prophet ﷺ got up and left. Abu Bakr ؓ followed him, and asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah ﷺ, when I forgave the man who insulted me, you remained sitting; but when I began to set matters right, you got up.’ And Allah’s Prophet ﷺ replied: ‘An angel had been there to reply on your behalf; but when you began to defend yourself, the angel departed, and a devil appeared. And, Abu Bakr ؓ, I never sit in the devil’s company.’

[Ibn Jarir Al-Tabari]


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